How to Sell An Inherited House in New Orleans When There Are Many Heirs Involved

It is not uncommon to come across a situation where there are many heirs involved in the sale of an inherited house. This can make it difficult to sell the home, especially if no one wants to talk about who will take responsibility for certain aspects of the sale. In this blog post, we will go over how to sell an inherited house in New Orleans when there are many heirs involved and what steps need to be taken before doing so.

5 Landscaping Tips for Landlords in New Orleans

Adding curb appeal through landscaping serves a dual purpose in that it attracts more desirable tenants and adds value to your investment. As for the plants you select, it is worth your effort to learn about xeriscaping and using native species that require less water and care overall, saving you money in the long run.  … Continued

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Moving in New Orleans LA

The real estate market in New Orleans is experiencing a hot period. There are more houses for sale than ever before, and the price range has broadened to include cheaper alternatives. If you’re thinking of moving to New Orleans, it’s crucial that you do your homework on real estate costs and neighborhoods first. This blog article will provide you with five strategies to get ready to move to New Orleans!

5 Things Buyers From Out of State Should Know About Investing in New Orleans

Diversification is the key to securing your retirement dreams of passive income earned on your real estate portfolio investments. The internet has changed the game of long-distance real estate transactions, and savvy investors are no longer limited to local real estate deals to fulfill their investment plans. Instead, they are spreading their investments out into … Continued

5 Signs of a Great New Orleans Property Manager

Your real estate investment business and your properties care are crucial to you, making hiring a property manager feel much like rolling the dice with your future. Just as you should meet your potential tenants in person as part of your screening process to ensure the best experience, you should interview your potential property manager … Continued

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling a House in New Orleans

Don’t you want the most profit possible when you sell your home? Why settle for less when you could save yourself valuable time and possibly thousands of dollars by avoiding these five mistakes homeowners make when selling a house in New Orleans.  Overpricing While you may be excited about your asking price, overpricing is one … Continued